Medium Square Plates

    • A TOUCH OF ECO-FRIENDLY CLASS – Our compostable party plates look well-designed and earthy with a hint of rustic charm. Made with fallen Areca leaf: each plate was crafted with care.
    • HOLDS STRONG – These Areca leaf plates hold a lot of weight without being flabby. Each areca leaf plate can also handle wet food like soup or gravy without getting soggy.
    • NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS – These plates are free of harmful chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about chemicals getting into your food.
    • CLASPS BETTER THAN PAPER – Envou, eco-friendly plates are perfect for your wedding, birthday party, camping trip, holiday party, BBQ, picnic, outdoor event or any time you need heavy duty paper plates or fancy disposable dinner plates.

Large Round Plates

    • PREMIUM QUALITY & SEAMLESSLY CLEAN – Only the center portion of the leaves are used to confirm uniform shape and aesthetic surface. Each product of Envou goes through rigorous quality control process for improved hygiene.
    • CHEMICAL FREE – These areca leaf plates are made from chemical free production process to make the safer for usage; just pure areca leaf. Henceforth, they are safe for human use.
    • MICROWAVE SAFE – Envou products are microwave safe and can be used for serving hot/cold food, snacks, gravy and other type of food items. It serve as great option for all kinds of party and functions.
    • ECO-FRIENDLY – These plates made from areca leaves hence are 100% natural. Being bio-degradable, their disposal do not require any special commercial facility.
    • ELEGANT AND DURABLE – These plates are much sturdier than other available paper disposable plates. Their natural woody texture and aroma add to their fine finishing at the same time making them much more sophisticated.

Oval Plate

    • SUSTAINABILITY – Our wide range of plates, bowls, canapé dishes and serving platters not only add an all-natural touch to your table but are also completely biodegradable, compostable & watertight.
    • STRONG & DURABLE – Although they are from 100% natural leaves, our plates are very sturdy and suitable for hot, wet and oily foods.
    • UNIQUE & BEAUTIFUL -Each palm leaf plate has a unique colour and texture depending upon the leaves they are produced from. The palm leaf plate features a rimless design to reflect a true natural style.

Round Bowls

    • ENVIRONMENTALLY ACCEPTABLE – Our disposable tableware is made of renewable raw materials, free of plastic, without chemical additives and 100% biodegradable.
    • STURDY – Due to its material properties, the crockery is water-impermeable, stable and sturdier than thin cardboard or plastic dishes. The disposable soup bowls are therefore also great for greasy dishes and sauces.
    • TASTEFUL -The disposable tableware is pressed from the entire leaf of the Areca leaf and gives each salad bowl an individual, attractive texture.
    • SUITABLE FOR ALL OCCASIONS -They are perfect party plates and have been used for indoor/ outdoor parties, weddings and corporate events. Disposable plates have never looked so good!

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