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Round Areca Plates

Tableware which falls straight from the tree. 100% Natural product. Naturally food safe. No added chemicals, bleaching, glues, bonding agents, plastic or wax. Non-odorous & Non-toxic. Compostable and can be thrown away in the food bin. Solid and Liquid food.…

Leaf Plate Large Areca Plates

Leaf plates made from naturally fallen leaves. Made from naturally fallen leaves, plastic-free compostable tableware. Suitable for hot & cold foods. Free from Toxic chemicals, BPA free. Unique natural woody textures. Vegan-friendly, sustainable raw material resource. Perfect for all events &…

Medium Square Palm Plates

Great alternative to disposable plastic/paper plates and bowls. Stylish – Jazz up your party with our stylish and versatile dinnerware. A true gift from nature – Made from naturally fallen areca leaves. Gently cleaned with water and heat pressed to desired shapes and…

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